Crazy by Nature

New Zealand - Gisborne

Demeter Certified Biodynamic & Biogro Certified Organic

Crazy by Nature is a range of everyday drinking wines which loudly promote The Millton Vineyard’s passion for making wines from organically grown grapes.

In 1984 most people thought the Millton’s were crazy. To try and grow grapes without using too many chemicals seemed impossible. The Millton’s have spent the last 25 years proving that most people were right, but now it seems that everybody wants to be crazy, and that’s just what this planet needs. Crazy by Nature.

The Millton’s learnt that if you are kind to Nature she will always repay you, with quality. They don’t use herbicides, insecticides, systemic fungicides or soluble fertilisers. They try and build a balance, to create harmony so that there will be no place for “dis-ease”. They are some of the first winegrowers in the Southern Hemisphere to practice the use of biodynamic techniques in the vineyard and cellar. This practice includes working with the sun, stars, planets and moon as well using special animal, mineral and herbal preparations that enhance the life (bio) energy (dynamic) of all living things on their farm. This may seem as crazy as a lunatic on a full moon but it makes them happy and even more enthusiastic as each season commences.

It’s no secret that the best bottle of wine is made of grapes from a vine that has been grown with sensitivity to the environment.

Crazy by Nature – it makes perfect sense.

The wines

Stock code Description Vintage Volume Pack size Closure type
160027116 Crazy By Nature Shotberry Chardonnay 2016 750ml 6 Screw Cap
160026115 Crazy By Nature Cosmo Red 2015 750ml 6 Screw Cap
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